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Sunny Desert Pavers’ business is founded by the core values that we continue to embody since the beginning – excellence, innovation, quality workmanship, and transparency. Follow us on Facebook and check out several great words from our clients about our works.

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Driveway Paving in Palm Desert

When your home is starting to look a little tired and you really want to do something different, it is time to get some driveway pavers.

Call the top-rated pavers installation company in Palm Desert, CA if you want to get it for your patio, walkway, kitchen or pool.

Pavers Palm Desert residents can count on. Our team of professionals that will come down to your commercial or residential property and give you a driveway that you will love!

Pavers Palm DesertThe only way to be sure that you are going with a top-rated pavers installation company in Palm Desert, CA is to check the materials that they are using. If the materials are not the best of the best, you are not working with a good company.

If you want to be sure that you are going with a top-rated pavers installation company in Palm Desert, CA, you need to check the materials that they are using. If the materials aren’t the best, you’re not working with a good company.

We are one of the best paving companies in Palm Desert, so don’t worry, just go with us. We don’t charge you a lot of money for an installation job that is worth less than forty bucks. If you want to know if you are going with a good paving company in Palm Desert, California, you should ask them some questions about the installation process and the maintenance, if they can’t answer you properly, you should send them on their way and give us a call.

Pavers Can Be Used for More Than Just Driveways 

Pavers Palm Desert residents use for walkways, pool decks, patios, entrances, and in places where grass won’t grow. Pavers are durable and require little upkeep. They are available in a variety of colors and textures to suit any location, from commercial to residential. They are usually the first things you will notice in a property. This is why getting the right contractor is important. You want things done right the first time, and you want the pavers to be of high quality while being affordable.

There are numerous types of pavers available

Pavers Palm Desert residents are used to create a beautiful patio in your yard. Pavers come in several designs, including rustic, traditional and contemporary designs. Some of the materials used for paver patio materials include natural stone, concrete, sand, and gravel.   

Paving stones are made of concrete. They are made from a mixture of cement and sand. Over time, this mixture will harden. This will help to prevent water from getting into the concrete. Paving stones will have a flat or curved surface.

Pavers can be installed quickly and easily. Pavers can be installed over almost any surface – grass, dirt, and even concrete. Choices include different colors, shapes, textures, and sizes. While pavers are often used on patios and sidewalks, some people, including Walt Disney, use them as building material. Pavers are used in many ways.

Driveway Paving Company Palm Desert

The Finest Quality is our Promise

There are essential reasons why hiring a professional contractor is the best decision property owners make. First, a professional contractor has been in the business for a long. This means you are getting peace of mind that they know what they are doing. This will also allow you to focus on more important things than to micromanage a construction team.

Trusted and Proven Quality Workmanship

Being in the business for many years and as the leading name in the industry, we understand the value of delivering the highest quality of workmanship in customer satisfaction and loyalty. We build our reputation for quality by adapting the latest solutions and gaining acknowledgment with established industry quality standards.

Palm Desert's Contractor of Choice

Our works are inspired by the trust and confidence that the Palm Desert locals have entrusted us. Quality of workmanship is our brand. Our reputation as the most preferred contractor is founded on the trust and confidence that our locals have entrusted with us. That is why we are the locally preferred builder in Salem and nearby areas.


We keep up with the evolving technology and solutions in the industry. We faithfully live up to our corporate values of excellence and innovation. Our team is dedicated to improving our skills and competencies to achieve a competitive advantage in the industry. We use modern systems in fulfilling our services. Our value for innovation helps us differentiate our business from the competition.

Types of Pavers We Build

Driveway Paver Contractors in CA

If your driveway looks like you don’t care about it, people think you don’t care about anything else. If you have a messed up driveway in front of your commercial or residential property, you are going to bring down the value of your home or business and give the whole block a bad look. It can be difficult to find a good Palm Desert, California paving company.

Travertine Stone


Call Palm Desert, California's pavers installation company for all your paving needs. We can give your home or business a new look that will make people stop and stare, if we add some beautiful pavers that match your style.

Contact us for a hassle-free transaction on your driveway paver project.

1. Outlining the Project Plan

One of our corporate core values is honesty in all our services. We live up to this value when we make your project estimates. We put high regard to transparency when we make our project quotations because we give importance to the trust and confidence that our customers give us the moment they inquire about our services. We commit to present our project proposals in a manner that our customers understand the terms and conditions, the scope of work, and the timeline of building activities. We believe that when we educate our customers with the right knowledge of the project, they can come up with a sound choice that works for their preference and budget. 

Step 2: Fulfillment of the Project

We deploy our professional team on-site when our customers are amenable to the details of the proposal. We take pride in the qualities of our people that define the quality of services that we deliver. We value each business that we make every day across the entire Palm Desert location and its neighboring areas not only by meeting customer expectations but also by completing our projects with the finest quality of materials and workmanship.

Step 3: Quality at its Finest

We are committed to completing our projects with the finest quality because we believe that highly satisfied customers are essential to brand reputation and company credibility. We are the leading and most locally preferred contractor because of the modern solutions that we incorporate with our competent workforce. Through this, our customers are guaranteed that we know what we are doing and we stay true to our promise of the finest quality services. Being in the business for many years, we can establish a great business relationship with our growing customers in Palm Desert and its nearby places, and we continue to strive and develop our services to earn client loyalty and open opportunities in making the new business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Lay Pavers on Top of Pavers?

It’s not a good idea to leave the old bedding in place when the new paving is shallow. The bedding was created for a different paving and may not be suitable. It is highly unlikely that the old bed will fit the new paving, so it should be removed prior to laying new. This is particularly through if the old bedding is damaged or weakened. Adding a new bed could elevate the new paving to a level that causes other problems, such as conflicts with existing levels or reducing the distance between paving and DPC.

How Much Should Pavers Cost Installed?

It is possible for get quotes from contractors based on pricing per square foot, but it is not always smart to do so. There are a variety of other factors that need to be considered. All industry leaders agree that the best practice is to price out each job individually and not lump every job into a general price band. Every job is different. There are several factors that should be considered before you get a fair and accurate pricing of paver installation:

  • Project Type
  • Existing Conditions/Structures
  • Soil Conditions
  • Excavation Depth
  • Site Access
  • Site Dump
  • Paver Choice and Pattern 

So before you get the cost of paver installation, you need to prepare the above information and give it to a contractor. Only then will they be able to give you a fair, cost-efficient quotation for the service you need.

What is the difference between bricks and paving?

It is important to understand the differences between the relatively newer concrete paver and traditional clay brick when choosing between them.

Concrete pavers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from small 4′′x8′′ to 24” slabs, as well as irregular and plank shapes. Clay brick, on the other hand, typically only comes in 4″x8″ sizes.

Concrete pavers are available in a wide range of finishes, including smooth finishes, texture of natural stone, paved looks and more. Brick pavers typically have the same type of look.

Clay brick is usually only available in a limited number of colors. Hot color tones, cool color tones, dark shades, and different color blends are just a few of the colors that can be found in concrete. It allows for more flexibility in the design of outdoor projects. Most concrete pavers have built-in protective devices that help keep the color from fading over time.

How Long Do Paver Patios Last?

It usually lasts 50-100 years or more. As opposed to concrete, pavers can be easily repaired and replaced. The life expectancy of a paver depends on the paver material and the frequency of use. Many decorative paver materials are manufactured with a high blend of polymer and cement, which makes them more durable and resistant to UV damage. Asphalt is a popular paver surface material.

Do Pavers Increase Home Value?

Curb appeal is the number one way to make your home more appealing to buyers. Potential buyers see the outside before they see the inside of the home. Your exterior should look great to catch their attention! If you want to attract the right buyer to your home, you should use a pecky driveway.

A welcoming walkway can also be used to invite your homebuyers in. When it comes to curb appeal, this goes hand in hand with a driveway. This will make homeowners feel like they can invite guests into their home, and the outside can speak for them. Younger members of society can be attracted to paver walkways. This is due to the fact that pavers are sustainable. Rain will go through the porous material and get into the ground below a driveway or walkway.

What Our Customers Say

Over time, we have earned our reputation as the most locally preferred paver contractor in the entire area, including its nearby areas. Here are a few great customer opinions about our works.

Clients Are Protected by Our Triple Guarantee

Outstanding Services

The varied and increasing customer expectations from driveway paver contractors drive us to always render outstanding services to new and old customers alike. We understand that the quality of our services has a great impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our many years of being in the paver industry have provided us with the opportunity to work with different customers with varying criteria for quality workmanship. Through our extensive experience in the business, we take pride in saying that we make all our customers happy with our projects. We take inspiration from all the great reviews we get from our clients. They fuel us to continue our outstanding services.

Redefining Customer Satisfaction

What sets us apart from the competition is the highest standards of customer satisfaction we give our customers. Despite the challenging competition in the market, we boast of our title as the most trusted and most reliable company in driveway paver construction in Palm Desert and the rest of its neighboring areas. 

Trusted and Proven by the Locals

The most basic type of local marketing is word of mouth. The proof that our driveway paver make our customers happy and satisfied is evident in how they retell their customer experience to their families, friends, colleagues, and their community. Our local market is growing over time and we benefit from this continuing growth by making new businesses from new customers across the state, including the areas outside the city. 

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